Vending Machines in Japan


If you’ve ever visited Japan, seen some pictures, or watched TV programs, it’s not too hard to miss vending machines. Japan is famous for the abundance of vending machines everywhere…yes, anywhere you go.

Vending Machines

You can find (ah, not really “find” per se since you can’t ignore) vending machines every corner, between corners, or even between doors. For instance, train stations, parking lots, in front of stores (even though they sell beverages inside the stores), sidewalks, in the building hallways, etc. Japan has the highest density of vending machines in the world!

Here is why I think there are so many vending machines in Japan.

  • There is no safety concern because the robbery and vandalism rates are exceptionally low.
  • Vending machines are very convenient for both consumers and businesses.
  • Both hot and cold beverages are available.
  • They help keep the neighborhood safe by keeping the lights on at night.
  • Population density is very high.
  • Business owners and landowners find opportunities to make some money by placing vending machines.
  • I don’t like this fact, but most people don’t tend to be interested in preserving the landscape. Thus there is no complain. I admit that it’s part of Japanese culture.

They get even more convenient

For the past few years, many vending machines accept cashless transactions. You can use most of the electronic money such as Suica, Pasmo, etc., which are the major pre-paid e-money cards. Now that new iPhone Wallet is compatible with Suica, I can just tap my iPhone and buy.

There are so many varieties of vending machines in Japan, and you should definitely enjoy trying them!